SpeedUp Pad Ice S2 vs Axioo Pico pad

Axioo Pico pad
SpeedUp Pad Ice S2Android launch ice cream sandwich on a claim by Google that can be used for both mobile devices and tablet inspired two local vendors to equip the device with a very nice OS. Speedup is Axioo Pico pad and Ice Pad, each of which has specific characteristics and is worth it.

Speedup Ice comes with a plain white plastic body in all its body. While Pico Pad Frame comes with a black front and plain white on the back.
About the design, Pico Pad look nicer with a thinner frame and install three physical buttons below the screen,
While Ice Pad with a more rigid frame design and a physical keypad in addition to embedding the left and upper body.
Connectivity side, Ice Pad USB mini port only rely on temporary, with the availability of superior Pico pad HDMI port as the mainstay.

Speedup Ice Pad uses Single-Core 1GHz 512Mb, 5.7 Gb internal ROM.
While the Toshiba Pico Pad using Single-Core Processor 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM, internal 3Gb.
Judging from the spec both are equally brought tablet Single Core processor with a different clock speed.

Both of these tablets use the same 7-inch screen, and also uses the same level resolution and the ability multi touchscreen same.

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