Axioo Tablet Pico Pad 9 with attractive features

Axioo as Laptop manufacturers are now producing a Tablet is no less interesting than its rivals, after a successful launch pad 5 previous tablet Axioo, Axioo is now introducing its newest product back bigger than ever with 9 inches Pico pad 9 series. But this time the product has decreased the quality of the product before the sail 7 inches. Reduction in mean here is one camera in stretcher PICO pad 9 is only VGA quality, it is because its target market is the lower middle class who want to enjoy a tablet but funds are limited.


The design of Axioo Pico pad 9 looks tough yet stiff, especially at the elbow. Thickness up to 10mm and weighs 529grams. Relatively thin for an android tablet with 9 inches. The screen type TFT LCD Capacitive.
At the back of the body of the Axioo Tablet Pad Pico 9 is designed with a textured coating. Very similar to the Axioo tablet pad 5.


although only rely on WiFi connections, the tablet is considered very nice to be invited to tour the virtual world. Specifically social networking is Facebook, Twitter, and Google + is available in tablet, with the Android operating system ICS

Some other features of the tablet will discuss Pico Pad 9 this is


VGA camera, and only Fixed Focus system, not auto focus. The camera has a panoramic photo capabilities are extremely easy to use, we just do it like Swipe to switch to Video.


WiFi internet connection rely. Not available CDMA cellular connections and pathways. But because of the support USB on the Go, the tablet can be used on modem dongle.


In the body of the left side of the phone is available multiple ports, among others: the on / off, 3.5 mm audio slot, microphone port, micro SD slot, Micro USB card reader, and mini proprietary changer port. There is a microSD card reader; you can open the files on the flash.

Play store

Various applications can be downloaded via this google tool's application. We can choose the category in accordance with the wishes.


There is a HD video player application via super HD music player and music player applications. When playing HD video graphic display is quite nice and easy on the eyes. There is no obstacle and pause the movie playback on tablet Axioo Pico Pad 9


This application serves to read a particular news item with an interesting display interface. We do not need to visit the website one by one because everything can be accessed in one place.

For Battery Life the battery itself owned Pico Pad 9 tablet for measuring energy 5200mAh lithium Polymer battery technology, according to the manufacturer battery can last active continue to use the regular features up to 24 hours.
Well, it depends on you. How interested to have it?

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