Lenovo Pocket Yoga Mini Device Concept

IThedoctor.com ~ Lenovo via the official facebook page, from his latest post looks a picture of the latest technology product called the Pocket Yoga, products in these facebook pages look different from regular computer devices are classified as belonging to the mini even bigger than the size of a smartphone in general.
This device is a mini look; however, for problems such as keyboard input Hardware you don't worry because this device is already available USB port as shown in the picture.
Lenovo Pocket Yoga Mini Device Concept

Formerly Beijing-based Company has launched their Yoga 13-based Windows 8. Product that was recently launched some time ago and the product Tablet Windows 8 RT that Yoga 11. All technology products launched by Lenovo are indeed still very fresh in the middle of industrial technology, but Lenovo did not take long for a new breakthrough by introducing a product Pocket Yoga.

If you think you can get a similar gadget has support all the features of mobile devices all over, perhaps you could consider a Pocket Yoga. This is a Lenovo-made laptop, very small and run Windows 8 OS.

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