Concept of Portable Sony PSP 2 5-inch OLED Screen

A second-generation game console processor with highly productive enjoyed the previous games have been launched by Sony a few years ago, named it the Sony portable console PS Vita. As we know, the PS Vita is not experiencing huge sales last year, however, it is quite interesting for us who enjoy it.

But announcing you as a company find their market for their devices? They will make great strides for the advancement with the advanced technologies that will be on the stretcher. A major step seems to appear in front of you, a big step in the present by designer Jung Ou Yang, the designer introduces the concept of Portable Sony PSP 2.

This device comes with a 5-inch OLED screen toys Transparent, a design and innovation are very attractive looks. Although the era of the screen that is designed not yet his time, but this are an innovation and a revolution to make all that great.

Sony PSP 2 has a pretty classy spec with portable protocol settings, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, and a camera that has the ability as well as a more powerful processor than the 4-core chip on the PS Vita real. Maybe a few years Sony could produce enough products with innovative designs.
Concept of Portable Sony PSP 2 5-inch OLED screen

Concept of Portable Sony PSP

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