Cooler Vapor-X Line Will Competible For Intel and AMD ~ Sapphire currently using the latest processor cooler Vapor-X line. Vapor-X cooler is now often found on the graphics card manufacturer and the technology has been used to develop a CPU cooler.
Vapor-X Line will be compatible with almost all the latest socket AMD's and Intel's Cooler therefore receive special attention.
Sapphire explains that the technology they use is also used in aviation applications and also some high-end server class.
 Cooler Vapor-X Line Will Competible For Intel and AMD

At the heat sink will have a steam room that is designed to contain the liquid will evaporate when the air temperature is hot enough. The gas is then passed through four copper heat pipes measuring 7 mm thick through several layers of aluminum cooling fins and two 120 mm PWM fan with blue LED would solve the heat dissipation.
The fan will spin at speeds between 495 and 2200 RPM. Vapor-X cooler has dimensions with size 135 x 110.4 x 163.5 mm and will be compatible across all ATX chassis. Sapphire also claims that this cooler will be able to handle heat up to 200 watts. When operating at low power levels, the fan speed can be very low, is intended to keep the noise level in order to stay in shape minimum. Cooler Vapor-X CPUs are available for $ 70 (£ 44).

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