Cyrus GamePad Lily 5-inch screen with the ability to Game

Cyrus GamePad Lily considered today as a mini tablet for gamers. In addition to the compact design of structures, facilities are complete luggage too. Solid plastic material used as the material base of the screen, back casing and also extra metal trim around the body for the design of Cyrus Game Pad Lily.

Cyrus Lyli GamePad comes with ARMv7 processor (VFPv3, NEON) single core1GHz. In order to smooth performance, with brand original phablet SoftWinners is supported by 2 GB of internal storage and is also available for the Micro SD slot (up to 32Gb), to support the ability of Graphics, GPU Cyrus rely Mali-400Mp/openGL 2.0
Cyrus GamePad Lily

For camera and Video

Quality indoor photos of Lily pretty good. By utilizing the camera shutter phablet body side, to take pictures in Lock screen mode, the images can be directly shared to social media or e-mail. To move the image quality is quite good. Lily comes Cam Scanner scans the object that serves as a picture or writing on cards and ID Card. The results of scanning can directly edit and share to social media.

To attract the attention of buyers, manufacturers provide interesting bonuses, Cyrus Gamepad Lily officially supported dozens HD Games from Game loft. Lyli Cyrus also has various additional features such as analog TV plus TV Record, audio / video player as well as a similar Note Everything "Note" on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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