Hybrid Separable Motion Controller For Sony Playstation

IThedoctor.com ~ Play station is the most popular game console. However, game pad which has existed since the first series of PlayStation's presence has been the hallmark of its own to claim Sony's console.

However, unfortunately the Playstation controller that implements motion sensors, such as Playstation Move, is less popular. Perhaps this is because there are many more games like gamepad with conventional models.
Because of that, Sony has now published a breakthrough in the world of game pad. Breakthrough because Sony combines two types of controllers in the grip called Separable Hybrid Motion Controller.
Hybrid Separable Motion Controller For Sony Playstation

Hybrid controller is being developed by Sony is called "Hybrid Separable Motion Controller". Gamepad is shaped similar to a typical game pad Playstation. But at the top of the gamepad there are two orb as on the Playstation Move. Uniquely, gamepad can be split into two. If separated, it will function like the Playstation Move motion sensor controller that currently exists.
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