Real Robot Cars Transformer Autobot Small Size

Maybe you already watch Transformers movie where the film displays a great robot that can be changed (transformed) into cars, trucks, planes and even Other Things See us very different and attractive. Growing technology makes human imagination into reality, robotic technology to be a highly enjoy doing at this time, as did the BRAVE Robotics Robot from Japan that makes a car and contrast.
Real Robot Car Transformer Autobot Small Size

Kenji Ishida is someone who has a hobby of Robotics and this time he managed to make a robot car just like in the movie transformers, Kenji took a long time to complete the robot in this business since 2002 ago he did that he started from the transformation Foot Robot only.

With success Making Cars Robot that have a small size is Kenji's mission has made the full-sized robot that can transform into a robot car that can be driven by intelligence artificial 2030.
Real Robot Car Transformer Autobot Small Size

The Robot is made with a 3D printer and use lithium polymer batteries, which the robot has a size of 1/12 compared to the actual size and according to Kenji Ishida Information will only make 10 robot is version 7.1.
This robot also has the capability of firing "missiles" toys as well as Wi-Fi-connected cameras on the front of the car or face robot.

Video Real Robot Car Transformer Autobot Small Size

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