Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-3320 Touch Screen

This time the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung released a product in the form of innovative products door lock with advanced technology and designs that are unique like a smart phone.
Products door lock SHS-3320, presented by the network services and solutions division (SNS) of Samsung for the global market. Door lock is designed with a focus on simplicity and strength. Samsung buried capacitive touch screen method by utilizing Random Security Coding Made from zinc alloy, making the door lock is a very strong and solid.

The design is futuristic and elegant, which makes the door lock is unique and luxurious. Keypad lock on the door is also equipped with a volume control so that it can deliver an experience like turn on a cell phone. In normal conditions, the numbers on the keypad will not be visible. However, if you press the button, then the numbers will look with backlight behind. Not surprisingly, the design makes the door lock SHS-3320 it won numerous awards such as if, red dot design and IDEA design.
Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-3320

Samsung says that the main benefit of this door lock is a good support for mechanical and electronic locking systems, and the mechanical features of the override key, SHS-3320 can be installed in a place that already has a mechanical lock without the need for any installation process. Door lock presents a dual authentication, anti-theft mode, automatic locking, low battery warning signal, interference detection, and so on.

Door lock also has a user interface that is easy to operate; the user can access the code, RFID cards and key tags. Door lock also supports Samsung Video door phone interface and can be used in a locking system with Samsung Smart Home System. With the support of 6V DC power from 4 AA batteries, SHS-3320 can last up to 12 months when used on average 10 times per day.
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Video Instructions for installing Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-3320

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