BBM Feature Video chat and share the screen in BlackBerry 10

Blackberry Messenger, BBM features on Blackberry 10 features the voice calling and video chat, something new is also at present by blackberry screen sharing feature. Maybe something new when you see it, the video call offer looks to be as simple as you would expect, while sharing your Screen name right-will give you a chance to offer a mirror of what's on your screen with the folks you talk with – it doesn't appear to be letting your hands over your unit to them, however.

Parts about the proposed two qualities still a little light outside, yet we will confidently have certain active time with them in the close destiny. Research In Motion today revealed that its popular Blackberry Messenger application will include the ability to conduct real-time, two-way video chats (between BB10 devices), in addition to instant messaging conversations and VoIP calls via Wi-Fi. BBM will also be able to share screens with other BB10 devices.  BBM Feature Video chat and share the screen in BlackBerry 10

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