Camera Ring Win the Contest Design Talent 2012

Innovation is increasingly developing for a device is no longer in shape in general, different shapes to add to the beauty of the device is now more innovative and perform different types of devices. As well as the following cameras, a camera concept that has won the contest design Talent 2012 with shapes like rings in general, but, who knows if this ring is a camera that is designed with a very beautiful ring looks very fit and fits on your finger.

Devices called Camer: ing is a ring-shaped device that is equipped with a camera. In the concept of this device consists of two main components namely Tablet and separate rings. You can use the ring that comes with the camera at any time so that when we wear it, we just need to click the button to the side and in the viewfinder image is ready for capture, a very simple way at this time to add your photo collection.

To see the results you just look at the package components in tandem by a ring of cameras that tablet. Very interesting is not it? You just need to be creative with your finger to produce something new and innovative for your everyday moments with this cool concept camera.
Designers Hyeonsik Studio & Jeon Yengwon 

Camera Ring Win the Contest Design Talent 2012
Camera Ring Win the Contest Design Talent 2012Camera Ring Win the Contest Design Talent 2012

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