Consultation with a Doctor in Healthspot Station

A media that deliberately created to bring the patient to the physician, use of technology, patients can consult even used medical equipment which is served in a place. HealthSpot Station which is a stall that is equipped with various features that rely on medical technology has, you can consult a doctor about your problem by using video chat contained in health spot. But we do not arbitrarily come and consult with a doctor in this place is certainly a procedure that has been specified, make an appointment through the website, and come at an appointed time.

With a variety of medical devices available in health spot, we can use it and directly viewed and controlled by your doctor, then you can doctor the results can be summed up what disease or problems that occur in your health. Very simple is not it? HealthSpot using media technology to bring together the three parties, namely physicians, patients and pharmacies virtually so both doctors and pharmacies that can be selected are those who have become members of HealthSpot.

For your medical needs, all medical records, conversations are stored in healthspot, so if you need your medical records, you can see it in person. Healthspot certainly used for checking common disease like flu, dizziness and so on. Surely more appearance, in addition it is an alternative simple consultation with a doctor and save time and cost.
via Healthspot replaces doctor's office with a telepresence kiosk

Consultation with a Doctor in Healthspot StationConsultation with a Doctor in Healthspot Station

Consultation with a Doctor in Healthspot Station

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