Making Wifi Connections on Gadget with iUSBport

iUSBport is a small gadget that would theoretically change the gadget that has a USB port into a high-wifi gadget for easy sharing (transfer) files to your phone or tablet. iUSBport will automatically create all the air-USB devices such as external hard drives, digital cameras or flash is connected to iUSBport are able to share files wirelessly.

iUSBport claimed directly accessible simultaneously to 8 users simultaneously either to download or upload (2 way data transfer) to a gadget that is connected or can be used for streaming HD movies simultaneously with three users simultaneously.

To access the files attached to this iUSBport simply use the browser and type the IP address listed in iUSBport or you can also access it via FTP application. iUSBport also be accessed directly without the help of a router so it's pretty convenient when you carry it around for file transfers in a digital camera is full .

iUSBport use rechargeable Lithium battery with 2600 mAh capacity that can be used up to 5 hours. The plan iUSB port will be sold in the range of U.S. $ 160 and there will be iUSB port 2 which has an additional slot and a battery 3300 mAh microSDXC.
via Hyper introduces new line of iUSBport storage options for Wi-Fi devices

Making Wifi Connections on Gadget with iUSBportMaking Wifi Connections on Gadget with iUSBport

Making Wifi Connections on Gadget with iUSBport
Making Wifi Connections on Gadget with iUSBport

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