The PowerShot N Creative Shot Mode

Canon as the manufacturer that provides the ease of processing one photo as camera is always striving to provide the best in photography can not be in doubt in terms of quality. Canon is now providing an innovative product for one that they call a Camera Canon PowerShot N.

Canon PowerShot N is a compact digital camera that provides a kind of innovation is different from a digital camera product PowerShot N has a size of 78.6 x 60.2 x 29.3 mm, PowerShot N also offers the same shutter button and zoom that has not been seen to date on the camera in general. Canon PowerShot N has the "shutter" which integrates with the lens, of course it looks different from the camera in general is basically at the top.

As seen in the photo, there are two parts in the back of the lens that resembles a ring lens where the tip of the first part is to wear ring zoom-in/out while the second part is the "shutter". Because a round then we can press the "shutter" is part of a circle around the "shutter" so that when we're done taking photos both vertically and horizontally, it will be easier, regardless of the location of the position of the "shutter".

Powers hot N also comes with a screen measuring 2.8 inches which can be rotated up to 90 degrees and equipped with Wi-Fi. The following general specifications:
- 12.1 MP CMOS Sensor
- 4x Optical Zoom
- Built-in flash
- Full HD video recording (1080p @ 24 fps)
- MicroSD memory card
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N-Series Canon Cameras Unique Design Of Shutter ButtonN-Series Canon Cameras Unique Design Of Shutter Button

The PowerShot N Creative Shot mode

The PowerShot N Creative Shot mode

The PowerShot N Creative Shot mode

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