CalypsoKey - iPhone Case as Door Locks with RFID Technology

If you previously saw in my post about the technology embedded in the door, an RFID technology has from Samsung which is embedded in the door lock works well, but this time an RFID technology to find a way back to your own high-tech door, which is CalypsoKey door lock system that uses RFID technology has however was different, we do not need the application to be installed on our mobile application, we will use the phone as a partner of the door, it does not need batteries and does not need a mobile phone is on, but CalypsoKey consists of casing iPhone that works in the system locks the door, of course, with RFID technology.

No need to bother course to open your door, you only need your iPhone casing and you hold the door that has been embedded RFID technology has also, hold your phone to your door handle and the door will automatically open properly. CalypsoKey RFID 13, 56 MHz has one, ISO 14443A antenna with 1 k memory capacity and 125 kHz the second antenna RFID built-in. compatible with most NFC RFID access points around the world.
How it works ?? see more Via Introducing CalypsoKey - NFC for the iPhone

Video CalypsoKey: iPhone Case as Door Locks with RFID Technology

CalypsoKey - iPhone Case as Door Locks with RFID Technology

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