Chromebook Pixel: Premium laptop from Google with 1TB of Online storage

If the previous Google Chromebook only sells at a low price and spec is not very high, but it seems the move was started to be forgotten by the presence of a new product is more classy and powerful. Chromebook Pixel is a premium laptop with Chrome OS developed by Google. Chromebook Pixel uses measuring 12.85 inches touchscreen display with a resolution of 2560 x 1700 pixels and a backlit keyboard, comes with an Intel Core i5 with Intel HD 4000 GPU, this laptop is more classy with a high specification which brought with 4GB of RAM, 1TB of storage service Google Drive for 3 years. 

For storage in it, the WiFi version only acquires capacity 32GB SSD, while the 4G LTE models have 64GB SSD storage capacity. Notebook weighs 3.4 pounds and measures 0.6 inches thick. It has a Gorilla Glass screen with a viewing angle of 178 degree and features two USB 2.0 ports, SD card slot, and a mini Display Port. Google says Chromebook Pixel should get up to 5 hours of battery life. 
Google introduced Chromebook Pixel

With the presentation of $ 1299 Chromebook, Google seems to really need people to start thinking about Chrome OS as a framework for all their needs. Interestingly, without much fanfare, including enforcing the Association only to review the document and streaming movies to transfer to your Google records. In a different statement, Space 1 TB connected you get to buy a Chromebook Pixel actually be sufficient to support the engine gave up on having a house where you store your media number. 
Google introduced Chromebook PixelChromebook Pixel: Premium laptop from Google with 1TB of Online storage

Google introduced Chromebook Pixel

Google introduced Chromebook Pixel

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