PS4 will present a Battlefield 4 Game

Battlefield 4 Will Present For Playstation 4
Battlefield 4 is a game that currently we do not know what, and what is at present in the game, but according to Gamestop CEO who secretly saw the development of the game at EA Development said it was interested in the game.

"Today I just saw Battlefield 4 and all I can say is wow. Thanks to EA for a sneak peek of her. I can not wait to see you all." 
wrote GameStop CEO Paul Raines J via his Twitter.

Formerly President EA Frank Gibeau said Battlefield games will be made for the next-Gen console, including the PS4 and the statement seems to begin to find common ground, after the developers revealed that they will be the best game in the register as a part of the game on the PS4. Gamestop CEO received a standing ovation after he made a tweet saying GameStop gives an opportunity to the 500 store managers to peek Battlefield 4.

Statement certainly makes a lot of questions from gamers who are ready to look forward to welcoming Battlefield game 4 in this 4 playStation, whether the end of this year or 2014? But according to some sources the PS4 will be launched before 2013, so, we wait for this game attendance.

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