Crumpler Quick Escape 300 DSLR Camera Bag

Crumpler DSLR Camera Bag
A few weeks ago we had reviewed the E-volve Expedition SLR Camera Backpack Case is a camera bag that you can use with a lot of functions that you might use when traveling with a laptop and belongings such as cameras and lenses for your camera. But this time we will try to discuss about the camera bag is quite simple and you can take it anywhere with a standard camera and lens you have.

There are times when we do not need to use a camera bag to carry photography equipment us we only need one bag for camera and lenses, is why Crumpler Quick Escape 300 DSLR Camera Bag is the right choice for you to use when you are carrying photography equipment just for some casual photography. Crumpler Quick Escape 300 Designed for entry-level SLR camera is enough for camera body and lenses and other small accessories you use.

This is a bag with a nice and simple product that has a very good quality of course, Crumpler bag for 30-year warranty that prove that they are serious about the products they make, this is the perfect camera bag for your camera and simple with excellent protection for your camera, and you also do not have to worry when taking the bag out when it rains, because the Quick Escape 300 is equipped with a rain jacket tucked in the bottom of the back of the bag, you do not need to install it to linger even when the rain suddenly fell, you just need to pull the coats from the bag then you cover the bag.
Crumpler DSLR Camera Bag


Designed for a DSLR camera with a short zoom lens
This 300 sized bag from Crumpler is designed to fit a smaller DSLR camera with a standard or short zoom lens

30 year guarantee

Every Crumpler bag comes with a 30 year guarantee, their products are not only extremely good looking but also in top quality. Each bag is handmade and is subject to rigorous tests throughout the whole production process and they are confident they will never let you down.

Adjustable shoulder strap with swivel

The quick escape bag range has an adjustable shoulder strap with unique swivel mechanism offering cross-shoulder and waist belt carrying options.

Soft Protective Lining (Nylex)

A soft protective lining from Nylex is specially used in Crumpler's photo bags because of the the soft, protective nature. The structure also allows for velcro attachments, giving the photo bags a flexibility to change the arrangement of your internal dividers.

Ripstop lining

The ripstop lining is made from 330d treated nylon. Ripstop Lining is a fabric that is woven with a thicker thread to prevent the spreading of tears or punctures. Even if you manage to shove a pen through the lining of a crumpler bags (not an easy task), the tear or hole will not get any bigger than the 7mm grid because of the grid of thicker thread patterns you can see in the material.

Tongue divider

The tongue divider keeps your camera and whatever else you want to carry seperate. It has mesh and a lining pocket for memory card and accessories.

Quick slip keeper

This case comes with a "quick Slip Keeper" to hold the excess webbing onto the main strap. Allowing you to pull the bag nice and tight for excellent protection of your camera.
Crumpler Quick Escape 300 DSLR Camera Bag

Wide top loading opening

The top of the bag opens wide allowing quick and easily access to your camera. The built in lip ensures the zip won't ever catch on the bags material.
Crumpler DSLR Camera Bag

Integrated rain cover

Even though Chicken Tex is rain-proof the quick escape comes with a built in rain cover that you can quick and easily pull out should the weather really turn back. Enjoying your expensive camera and accessories stay dry.
Crumpler DSLR Camera BagCrumpler Quick Escape 300 DSLR Camera Bag


Made from 1000d Chicken Tex Supreme

Crumpler’s official super high performance 1000d fabric which is lightweight, durable, resists tearing and is quick drying. Made with nylon thread which is air treated, this gives the final fabric its classic rough and fuzzy texture. This texture is what makes Chicken Tex Supreme so incredibly resistant to abrasion.


External size - 20.0 x 20.5 x 11.5 cm.

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