Bluetooth Headset SoundWear SD50 Reviews

Bluetooth Headset SoundWear SD50
"Keep your self wirelessly connected" in my opinion the sound quality is almost no bad quality headsets that have just that how we use it, and who the users, the headset of course in the design and in the production of good quality according to the manufacturer.

Battery durability:

This has always feared by users Headset, sometimes death is being used or in its use quickly low battery listening to music.

Take it easy, this powerful SD50 Headset accompany you in 10 hours use when you listen to music or while in use to talk. But when you just let your headset standby without using the headset will last up to 180 hours, this is a long time is not it?

SoundWear SD50 Bluetooth Headset is a headset that combines stylish design and modern technology that will give a good impression to the user without the use of cumbersome wires, SD50 from SOUNDWeAR using the Bluetooth connection is certainly good for all smartphone users listen to music or phone wirelessly, you also do not have to worry when you listen to music, but there is an incoming call to your phone then the music will automatically pause so that you can answer the phone. Once completed, your music starts playing again from where you left it.

To use the headset with your Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet or other device that you can connect to a Bluetooth headset is that you need to do is hold the power button, the headset SD50 down for 7 seconds, until the LED flashes red and blue then go to the device Your wireless connected and enjoy entertainment on the go. When you have finished listening to music or watching videos you just hold down the power button until the indicator light on the headset is really dead.

Bluetooth Headset SoundWear SD50

Features & Benefits

     • Playback Functions: Play / Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, Volume Up and Down.
     • Battery: Built-In Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery.
     • Standby time: 180 hours.
     • Talk / Music Time: 10 hours.

Built in Li-Polymer battery for 10 hours of continuous playback, The SoundWear SD50 also features a built-in Li-Polymer battery that allows you to enjoy music and calls for up to 10 hours before needing recharging. Includes USB charging cable also means that you can easily recharge your device from any USB socket or you can combine with a USB power adapter (not included) to charge from a power socket.
On ear music controls to navigate your music and calls without touching your phone.

SoundWear SD50 Bluetooth Stereo Headset stylish as the outer shell of the ear cups made of glossy plastic, which is quite interesting for fingerprints and sectional headband made of matte plastic, with the remaining part has a nice textured plastic, so the headset feels comfortable on your head.
Bluetooth Headset SoundWear SD50

Bluetooth Headset SoundWear SD50

Bluetooth Headset SoundWear SD50

In the box

1 x SoundWear SD50 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
1 x Mini USB Charging Cable.

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