Gaming Computer ultra-compact M8

Gaming computer
To bring innovation to reach different segments of society and the developers of the Artists studio BMW Design Works USA a moment to rest in the development of cutting-edge car, but this was an opportunity to do something different from what they usually do. A product that they produce in this opportunity is a gaming computer that would be closer to the people. 

Computer gaming is called the M8 is the result of a partnership with a well-known hardware manufacturers that ASRock which certainly has a class in the development of all parts of the computer.

For technical features alone do not yet know for sure, but the developers giving out housing design is quite attractive for these devices made them. Overall computer gaming device this will appear transparent, then to his own case will be attached with the help of magnets instead of screws that we usually see in computer-computer today.

Gaming Computer ASRock

 Gaming Computer ultra-compact M8

Gaming Computer M8
Casing which is quite interesting in the present intentionally to computer gaming is well designed so that it can be installed in a vertical position or in a horizontal position, then the front there is a OLED display. The developers use OLED displays on the casing so that the owner can later see statistical component temperature and cooling rate. Then 5G Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth 4.0, as well as 4-core processor audio Creative Sound Core 3D.

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