ISOCELL Latest Camera Sensor of Samsung

Samsung revealed little leakage of the newest camera sensor ISOCELL. Most likely the camera sensor will be used on future Smartphone made by Samsung. The CMOS sensors use the "Advanced Pixel Technology" which strengthens the electron absorption thus improving color quality, even in dim lighting conditions.

Technically, Samsung ISOCELL technology is the development of BSI (Back-side Illuminated) at this moment where the camera sensor ISOCELL adding physical divider between the pixel sensor resulting in lower pixel cross-talk of 30%. As a result, the image produced higher its dynamic range.
ISOCELL claimed better reproduce colors more natural, vivid and sharper than BSI.
In terms of size, have a higher ISOCELL smaller than the BSI thus indirectly the size of the phone will also be minimized.

 ISOCELL Latest Camera Sensor of Samsung
On the other hand, the resulting current megapixels can only reach 8 MP but we still think this is more than enough, but the smaller the better MP than the best results of the MP but the result is opaque.

ISOCELL Latest Camera Sensor of Samsung
Samsung will manufacture the sensors ISOCELL S5K4H5YB models in the 4th quarter of this year.
A complete camera module with ISOCELL sensor has a smaller size than the previous camera module so it is suitable for future smart phones are great performers and thinner.

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