What if Google tried to blackmail you into using Google+?

Google's motto is Do No Evil, but some people wonder if they really believe that or not. When you look at what the company has done, sometimes their actions don't line up completely with their mission statement. This is true of most companies these days. In the case of Google, many people are upset with ways they're using their Google+ social network. Keep reading if you want to know if Google is trying to blackmail you into using Google+.
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Google+ and Authorship = Blackmail?

This is a serious statement, but let's take a look at some specific facts that may sway your opinion about this gigantic corporation.

YouTube Comments - We're first going to start with YouTube, which is owned by Google. This site has always had a very active user base, especially when it came to comments on videos. Earlier this year, Google changed YouTube so that you had to have a Google+ account in order to comment. Basically, they said if you don't sign-up for Google+ you're not going to be able to comment on YouTube. This upset a lot of people, but Google is so large and powerful, they were able to do this without losing all their users.
Google Authorship - This case isn't as clear cut as the one above, but this is another way that Google is trying to force people to sign up for a Google+ social media account. They have been talking a lot about Author Rank recently, which is based on Google+ profiles - with real names used. So, basically, Google is again saying sign up for a Google+ account or you're going to be penalized. This is not cool on a lot of different levels, but it appears to be working for them.
Fighting Spam - While Google+ accounts can be faked - at least for a period of time - Google's insistence that they're used to help combat web spam is going to go a long way in determining whether people feel like they've been blackmailed or not. Spam isn't good, but if you're forcing people to sign-up for one of your products, what's the real issue? For Google, it might be money over everything else.

Be aware that we're not trying to accuse Google of blackmail straight out, but if you look at some of their actions recently - especially when connected to Google+ - you can see how they can leverage their size to get people to do what they want them to do. Rather than argue about semantics, we'd like to know what you think about Google's techniques. Are they pushing too hard for people to sign up for Google+? Let us know below - just be sure not to use your real name so Google doesn't find out you're talking bad about them!

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